Exclusive Live Playthrough: TENGGER CAVALRY Sing a “Hymn of the Earth”

Are you guys hip to Tengger Cavalry, the New York-based Mongolian Folk Metal band? Although they’ve been releasing albums and playing shows around the city for years, these guys have been drumming up a storm of press over the last few months with the announcement that they will be the first metal band to ever play a show at Carnegie Hall, as a part of a Mongolian Nomadic Folk Music concert on December 24th.


We caught up with the band a few weeks ahead of the big show at Ultra Sound Studios to film some exclusive playthrough videos to whet your appetite for the festival. These guys went all out, even bringing along some traditional Mongolian dancers to perform some choreography that will be featured at the show. Check out the first video below, for the track “Hymn of the Earth.”

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Max is managing editor of Gear Gods.