Jackson Tag

We run down the rigs of Dave Davidson, Dan Gargiulo, and Brett Bamberger of Revocation, one of the best metal

Mister You May Not

Including the new signature model from Misha Mansoor of Periphery, and new 8-string guitars.

Pointy, but with a touch of classy this year.

If only marriage equality extended to amps I would propose to that Soldano.

Your picking is looking kind of straightforward, champ. Time to vary it up.

Learn a riff AND get your music theory fix.

The band's 5th behind-the-scenes studio video goes over all the gear used in the lead tracking process.

"It's not Safe to Swim Today" and "Winter Is Coming Soon" from guitarist Marc Okubo.

May I interview Miss May I? I may.

We spoke to the Gojira guitarist/vocalist about his hard-to-duplicate vocal delivery, guitar rig, and the band's cab sim secret weapon.

What's lacking in technical details is made up for in enthusiasm and evil staffs.

Thrash guitarist miraculously still able to speak without mouth or cerebellum.

The metal cousins to Fender have quite a few new pieces on display.

You want Rust in Peace rigs, Countdown rigs, Super Collider rigs? We've got 'em. Plus a hell of a lot