PERIPHERY’s Misha Mansoor Talks About Just Near Everything With RICK BEATO


You may be familiar with Rick Beato from his videos with his son, Dylan, a musical prodigy with an incredible ear. Rick’s channel is chock-full of great music content, ranging from music theory courses to interviews with some extremely accomplished musicians. And now, he’s brought on Periphery’s very own guitarist Misha Mansoor for his latest edition of the segment “Sounding Off”. Listen and LEARN!

In the almost hour-long interview, Misha talks to Rick about nearly everything musical, from guitars and production to the current state of the music industry. Both he and Rick have been doing this kind of thing for a long time, so it’s definitely worth a listen if you want to get the low-down from some experienced industry veterans.

For more interviews and in-depth music theory content, check out Rick’s YouTube channel. 

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