REVOCATION’s Dave Davidson On His Sweet Jackson USA Signature Warrior

Really cool year for our pal Dave Davidson from Revocation – in addition to dropping the banger Great is Our Sin and a pair of signature DiMarzio pickups, Dave’s also got a brand-new signature Warrior model via Jackson.


I got to rip on this thing a bit while we shot Dave’s Pro Zone episode over the summer, and it is a beast of an instrument. Apparently these are selling fast – so try and nab yours quickly. For more details on this guitar’s specs, check out this interview with Dave below:

And if you haven’t seen it yet, our Pro Zone clip with Dave is live here:

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  • I wish artists would release signature editions that regular working dudes could afford. $6400 are you fucking kidding me? You could get a Petrucci Music Man, Petrucci Mesa Head and a fucking cabinet for that price.

    Or like 50 Chad Kroger guitars, but whatever.

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