You Have 7 hours To Buy Dave Mustaine’s Cryptic Writings-Era Guitar

Great news for all twenty fans of Megadeth’s Cryptic Writings – Dave Mustaine’s guitar used on tour and in the video for the “Enter Sandman” rip-off song “Trust” is now up for auction on eBay. The guitar, a custom Oxblood-colored Jackson Firebird, was apparently only used on a tour or two and in that video, and as of this writing sits at 0 bids, starting price $5,000.



So if you have way too much money, or also believe Obama is from Jupiter or whatever, and for some reason don’t think this band has been outta gas, get on over to the auction and bid now! But hurry, because the auction ends at 5:45 EST today.

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  • Trust > Enter Sandman. But yeah, the 90’s were rough on us all. Do you think he’ll take trades? I have this blue Ibanez RG with an Iron Maiden sticker on it. I bet he likes Iron Maiden.

    • God damn dude lmao.
      I’ll trade you for my starter epiphone guitar. It has a crack on the back but hey right? THE 90S!

  • Nice axe

  • I fucking hate enter sandman its even worse than “mother”. These dudes shouldnt write pop songs,

  • Lol. Such a salty article. (Yes, I know the article is years old…)

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