ANGEL VIVALDI Drops Playthrough of “Serotonin” Featuring NITA STRAUSS



Any of y’all got some of that serotonin stuff? No? Okay then…

Angel Vivaldi is at it again! His new record SYNAPSE was released in October of last year and he just recently wrapped up a North American tour. On the heels of what I am assuming was an absolutely crushing tour, he has teamed up with Alice Cooper guitarist Nita Strauss to bring you a super fun playthrough of his track “Serotonin”.

One thing that I always admire about Angel’s videos is that he never falls victim to the typical boring playthrough stereotypes. His videos (as well as his music) are always fun-as-hell and highly engaging. I always love how he interacts with his guest’s guitar playing in such a playful and interactive way, even when he’s not in the same room as them. And staying true to the nature of serotonin (AKA, “the confidence molecule”), Angel and Nita overflow with the stuff in the playthrough above.

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