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This ain't your dad's bass drum pedal. Or maybe, actually, it totally is.

Matt worked with Mapex to create the "Wraith" snare drum.

Ray and Vic unveiled the new sticks at this year's NAMM show.

Check out half an hour of ex-Animals as Leaders drummer Navene Koperweis' POV behind the kit.

Ben Harclerode's attire matches the attitude of his breakdowns.

Paul Wandtke is more than a suitable replacement for Mat Madiro and Nick Augusto.

Along with an exclusive track premiere of "Run To Away From Home."

Dirk talks about the making of the new album and shows you how to play the title track!

Click to see all the gimbling, mimsy, and borogoves your mome raths can outgrabe.

If the world really is hollow, this guy's feet are going to break through and doom us all!