NAMM 2016 – Duallist’s Freakin TRIPLE Bass Drum Pedal

I’ve been familiar with the company Duallist, but I guess was never curious enough to dig and find out that these guys make a freakin’ triple bass drum pedal – the kind of thing I thought died a long time ago and you can only see now in old KISS videos.


But no, this thing is for real. Though my favorite kick pedal at NAMM was Trick Drums’ Black Widow, Duallist were right behind them, for coming up with a really weird and creative piece of drum machinery. Check it out:

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  • I think this strays from the point of playing naturally. I don’t know. I think this looks fun for playing and experimentation, but cheap for recording and live performance. Just me, maybe.

  • Where can I buy this

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