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Kevin “Drummer” McGuill: maybe the most accurate nickname out there.

Fear of numbers shouldn't keep you from enjoying this hard-hitting playthrough from one of the best!

What's your Phobia? If you're afraid of tight drumming, don't look in here!

PeripheRudy - two great tastes that taste great together!

Young blood flows richly through this angel of a drummer - or is he a demon?

Start down the path of the Svart Crown.

In this exodus, the only thing leaving is blood from your body.

Space: the final death metal frontier.

Check out this drum playthrough of "These People" by Eddie DeCesare of Long Island's Painted in Exile. The track is taken from

The ceremony for resurrecting a demon includes some kickass drumming, apparently!

Dylan fills his Potts in the Rivers of Nihil which fills up when it rains dreams, and other puns by