WITHIN THE RUINS: Exclusive Drum Playthrough of “Beautiful Agony” Will Make You Shed a Tear


Boston-based metal band Within the Ruins have been pumping out quality tech-death song after song for quite a few years now. Combining catchy sections with riffs that most guitar players can be envious of, the dudes are no strangers to laying down the shreds. And while the band does get a lot of credit for their guitar-driven songs (all thanks to guitarist Joe Cocchi), the rhythm section deserves a ton of praise too. That’s where drummer Kevin “Drummer” McGuill comes in, and you can see it here first in his exclusive drum playthrough of the song “Beautiful Agony” from the band’s 2017 album Halfway Human, only right here on Gear Gods!

Full of tasty cymbal hits and relentless kicks, Kevin goes all out in this performance. Hitting it hard and looking remarkably calm while doing so, the dude sure knows his way around a kit. There’s really an incredibly clean and punchy style here that helps to give Within the Ruins their signature sound. And on top of that, it looks like it might have been shot near a brewery (which might make sense because Joe brews his own beer), so that definitely doesn’t hurt either.

The band is currently preparing for a month-long European tour starting this August, so be sure to try and catch them if you’re in the UK. Did we mention select dates have Miss May I and Whitechapel on them? Simply a treat! Dates and deets can be found below. For everything else WTR, get at their Facebook and Twitter pages.

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