ANIMALS AS LEADERS – Matt Garstka “Arithmophobia” Play-through

We have featured the mighty Matt Garstka from Animals as Leaders a few times here at Gear Gods and that is for good reason. This bloke kills it on the drums, give this drum play-through for “Arithmophobia” a cheeky watch if you don’t believe me.


Matt Garstka has been kind enough to upload another video for your audio/visual pleasure on to YouTube, taken from the “Madness of Matt Lesson Series” this playthrough comes at ya hot with loads of mad ruffles and off time/kilter grooves which we have come to know as trademark stuff for Matt and his merry band of techy wizards. There are cute ghost notes all over the place, and his drumming fully complements the madness that his band mates are playing. The video looks cool as shit with some great footage resulting in more than just your average drum playthrough, shot in 1080HD and at over 2 hours long it is definitely worth giving your attention to.

If you wanna have a stab at playing some of Matt’s drum playing yourself, then I would say go get the full “Madness of Matt Lesson Series” package available here. It’s chock full of play-throughs of 5 songs from the band’s “Madness of Many” record, breakdowns of each song, drumless tracks, transcripts and slow-downs all there to give you at least a small chance of being able to play along to whatever the hell Matt is doing. At 5o bucks, it’s a steal.

Good luck!

Matt and the rest of Animals as Leaders are currently out on tour with the boys in Veil of Maya across the States which promises to be a ferocious evening, so get yourself to a show!

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