BLACK COAST: Drum Outside The Box With This Exclusive Playthrough For “Break The Routine”


Hardcore outfit Black Coast are truly a band that will make you feel something. Since signing with Primordial Records, the English 5-piece have been gearing up for the release of their double EP Ill Minds Volume 1 & 2, the first of which drops this Friday, November 9th! The first single they put out, entitled “Break the Routine” is a catchy, punchy beast, and to kick things off before the EP comes out, drummer Matt Clarke is here to show you how it’s done behind the kit on this track, only right here, on Gear Gods!

If one thing’s true, it’s that this track is relentless as fuck. Even with the occasional breakdown to give the listener some breathing room, not one member of this band is having any trouble pulling their weight throughout the 3-and-a-half-minute jam. It’s heavy, riffy, and just melodic enough to keep you sane while lifting you off the ground by the cuff of your shirt (and believe us, that’s a good thing). And as far as the drums go, Clarke knows how to throw in a tasty fill when the moment calls for it while hitting the grooves tight and steady in other parts of the track. A true banger from front to back, and we can’t wait for more.

About the playthrough, drummer Matt Clarke had this to say:

“With all the blood sweat and tears that go into writing music, its an incredible feeling when it all comes together. ‘Break The Routine’ was a very personal song to me when it came to writing my drum parts, pushing myself to come up with interesting and out of the box ideas for fills, and really make the song have a raw edge. I felt that this, in turn, related to the theme of the song, breaking the mould of everyday life and not conforming to the norm because ‘it’s what is expected’. This made choosing a song for my first playthrough very simple. I used the same set up in the studio as I did for this playthrough, my PDP Kit, Dream Cymbals, Remo Heads, and Los Cabos Sticks.”

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