FOUR STROKE BARON’s Matt Vallarino Is As Tight As A Drum Machine In This Exclusive Playthrough For “Cyborg Pt. II: The City”


We’ve covered Reno-based band Four Stroke Baron here on Gear Gods plenty of times before, with good reason! The three-piece rock outfit have dazzled the world with their progressive roots and wacky music videos (see below), and now, drummer Matt Vallarino is here to shake some souls with this drum playthrough of their song “Cyborg Pt. II: The City” off their label debut Planet Silver Screen, only right here, on Gear Gods!

If one thing is apparent with these dudes, it’s that they have such a unique and interesting sound. The soaring vocals from singer Kirk Witt are some of the most unique vocals in this kind of music we’ve heard in a while, the riffs are huge (courtesy of both Kirk and bassist Keegan Ferrari), and then there’s the energetic and bombastic drumming from Matt that keeps everything pushing riiiight up to the edge without going overboard. In my mind, this tune is a classic FSB banger from front to back, with all the necessary elements that give them their distinct sound.

You can get Planet Silver Screen here, as well as follow the lads on Facebook and Instagram.


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