REVOCATION Drummer Ash Pearson Rips Through This Playthrough Of “EX NIHILO”

Revocation drummer Ash Pearson just dropped this stunning playthrough for their song “Ex Nihilo” off their latest record The Outer Ones. The playthrough (courtesy of the fine folks at Drumeo) features Pearson absolutely crushing this tune; capturing all the nuances of the parts and never missing a single hit. And even though this song is instrumental, it’s still a pretty classic tune by Revocation standards and by no means is an easy song to drum to, so buckle up!


From a technical perspective as someone who spends most of their days editing videos, I always hated the way 90% of drum playthroughs overlayed the little kick drum cam in a small box in the corner of the video somewhere, so from the bottom of my heart to whoever puts together these Drumeo videos, THANK YOU for making that kick drum cam actually look sick for once. You’re my personal hero and we should get coffee sometime.

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