PHOBIA – Danny Walker Grinds Out “Damaged” Drum Playthrough

In this tasty little drum play through we at Gear Gods bring you Danny Walker laying sheer waste to his drum kit in this track “Damaged” by the grindcore superstars (if that is such a thing) Phobia.


Orange County, California always strikes me as a happy place, lots of sunshine and smiles. Phobia seem to think otherwise, and have done so since their inception in the early 90s, playing crust punk and grindcore through gritted teeth and snotty noses. However, it seems to have worked a treat. Now drummer Danny Walker is back in the band, they are here to throw down and show the world why they are one of the genre’s heavyweights, and remain so after all this time.

Give this drum play through for the band’s classic tubthumper a watch. Danny doesn’t hold back whatsoever, the speed is utterly ridiculous and his hands/arms are all over the place, reaching every corner of his kit. Blast beats are literally all over this tune, if you are a fan of grind then these guys have got to be right up your street.

The band have always displayed their punk rock attitude, and continue to do so with most recent artwork showing small-handed orange-coloured toupee-wearing bellend Donald Trump having a rough time, it’s worth a look. Their new record “Lifeless God” is out June 2nd.

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