EXITWOUNDS Drummer Charlie Callahan Channels The Power Of The Gods In This Exclusive Playthrough Of “Hades”


Indianapolis metal band ExitWounds are an up-and-coming group with a lot to offer. They’ve just released a split EP with Kingsman, featuring two songs by each band, one of them which happens to be their newest single “Hades”! You may have seen the music video for it (below), but drummer Charlie Callahan is here to give you a closer look into what goes on behind the kit in this exclusive drum playthrough, only right here, on Gear Gods!

These guys have a great blend of elements reminiscent of bands like Architects, but with their own style that sets them apart. Callahan does an excellent job of staying strong and steady while playing along to the aggressive and tight rhythms that “Hades” presents, and this playthrough really captures his energetic yet focused approach to drumming nicely.

You can get the Split Series #1 EP here. Be sure to give these dudes a follow on Facebook and YouTube to keep up to date with the goods they have down the road. They’re gearing up for 2019 with new music, tours, and merch, so be on the lookout!

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