WINDRUNNER Blossom Beautifully With This Exclusive Guitar Playthrough For “Orchid” Featuring YUTO of EARTHISTS


Windrunner are a Vietnam-based progressive metalcore band who are doing big, big things these days. The group is on track to release their newest record MAI, which drops November 30th via Famined Records, and in the meantime, they’ve just released this exclusive dual-guitar playthrough of their track “Orchid” (featuring guitarist Yuto from the Japanese Naturecore band Earthists.) from the upcoming album, only right here, on Gear Gods!

If you’re a fan of bands like ERRA and Architects, this tune is going to be right up your alley. Guitarists Trung Tôn and Nam Dao keep a great mix of ambient, catchy, and punchy elements that form a cohesive and memorable song. Talking about the inspiration for the track and gear used on the recording, the band had this to say:

” The title itself, as well as all songs’ names of the album “MAI”, was derived from our country’s traditional set of four pictures -called “tranh Tứ bình”- that include four sets of flowers, in which each represents the four seasons and certain qualities that one should have. In this specific one we’ve chosen, it represents one’s ability to overcome hardship in life. There are usually multiple combinations of flowers in these sets, however, one of the most popular ones contains apricot blossom, which is “Mai” in Vietnamese, orchid, marigold, and ivory bamboo. As you’ll be able to tell, Orchid wasn’t the only song title that these pictures inspired.

An orchid is a beautiful and elegant flower that blossoms alone, usually in cold weather, so this might have influenced us to write this song in the Winter. The track is about finding ourselves lost in this world and feeling small, trying to make sense of everything while being uncertain of what’s out there. Being overwhelmed is inevitable, and we want you guys to know that it is just fine to feel lonely, because the shining bright sky is the anchor that’ll keep your heart alive. Through “Orchid”, we want to deliver a message that it’s normal to feel like there’s no one else, but it’s important to just keep the faith in your heart and move on, as there will be people to accompany you on the way. There are others who feel lonely, as you might, but you need to remember that you are not alone.” – Duong (vocals)

“Through use of both distorted rhythmic runs and ambient clean guitars, we wanted to create an atmosphere that reflects the theme of the song, which is ‘finding solace in solitude’. Throughout the song, we utilized the repeated underlying leads along with various different rhythm sections to reflect how by changing your perspective and outlook, you can feel different emotions. The intro and verse present you with mixed emotions of confusion, sadness, and resentment through fast guitar runs and chaotic, intense rhythm parts that progresses to an epic chorus, which is like a moment of realization. The chorus then goes into a triumphant breakdown to create a feeling of satisfaction when you find the answers and find yourself. The song continues with more positive vibes and ends with a beautiful guitar solo by our good friend Yuto of Earthists. from Japan.

As for the setup, we play a Mayones Regius 7-string with Bareknuckle Blackhawk pickups and a Schecter Keith Merrow signature 7-string with Seymour Duncan Nazgul and Sentient set through our Fractal Axe FX2 processor. We found that both the BKP Blackhawks and the SD Nazgul/Sentient set really complemented our low tuning of Drop F#, maintaining a tight low end while still being very clear. The Axe FX2 is a great digital processor that really fits our needs due to its versatility, portability and easy midi control capabilities for automated patch changes in live situations. The tones we got from it is great as well and really close to real tube amps.” – Trung and Nam (guitars)

MAI is out November 30th, so be sure to buy a digital copy of MAI here. You can follow the band on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter in the meantime. Stay rosey!

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