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Satchel bottled up his "Viagra Substitute" and assembled the "Pussy Melter" as some signature patches for TC Electronic's TonePrint collection.

Fill your board, but don't empty your wallet!

It's a group of girls, but don't call them a girl group.

Classier than a clip-on tie, and more useful.

Polyponic tuning that clips on to your guitfiddle!

As part of Overdrive week we interviewed a couple of pedal makers who are making strides in new designs and

25 pedals + 8 styles of metal in an interactive shootout - pick the perfect pedal!

Give em' something to step on and crush that isn't your hopes and dreams.

Well this is certainly the coolest guitar tone I've stumbled across recently. Fans of skyscraper-high fuzz tones, inquire within.

Because using just two delays at once is amateur hour.

Just in time for you to backpack across Europe. Or Staten Island.

The band's 5th behind-the-scenes studio video goes over all the gear used in the lead tracking process.

The sacrifices we make in search of a pedalboard smaller than a child's bed.

*Not compatible with other products with "360" in the title.