TC ELECTRONIC’s New Impulse IR Loader Does What You Think It Does

TC Electronic is having a real solid streak of new pedals this year, and they’re continuing it with their new Impulse IR Loader. The Impulse IR Loader features 25 built-in IRs, 12 official Celestion cab models, and 99 slots for you to upload whatever you want. Simply drag and drop your IRs over USB or use the dedicated IR organizer for PC and Mac, and the Impulse IR Loader takes care of the rest.


“To get all of our users off to a great start, we teamed up with the most prestigious guitar speaker manufacturer in the industry: Celestion,” says Paul Robert Scott, TC product manager.

“They’ve already meticulously created accurate and natural-sounding IRs of their most popular speaker models. So, we’re proud to announce that the Impulse IR Loader comes pre-loaded with 12 of the finest, official Celestion digital IRs – hand-picked from what we believe to be the best IR on the market. Furthermore, we succeeded in making the Impulse IR Loader capable of supporting IRs of up to 200ms, which allows for unparalleled accuracy and detail when cab, amp and acoustic IRs resemble the real deal.”

Grab one here for $129.