TC ELECTRONIC Goes Hi-Gain With Three New Pedals

TC Electronic is here to give you all the hi-gain you could ever need in three new pedals.


The Ampworx Hi-Gain series is three new pedals modeled after three sought-after amplifiers, meaning you three different ways to crank out them chunky riffs. All three pedals offer Gain, Tight, and Level controls, a 3-band EQ, the option to Boost, and the ability to switch between channels.

The pedals are:

  • The Dual Wreck, which models itself after the Mesa/Boogie Dual Rectifier.
  • The JIMS 800, which models itself after a modified Marshall JCM800.
  • The V550, which models itself after the Peavey 5150.

“From classic rock tones to thunderous low-end punches, we’re proud to present three exceptional beasts that capture the essence of three iconic amps,” said TC Electronic of the pedals. “The Ampworx Hi-Gain Series are preamp pedals built to celebrate the rich legacy of guitar-driven rock.

“Using our Ampworx component-based modelling technology, we meticulously replicated the unmistakable guitar tone of three amps in three separate compact stomp boxes. The overall idea is simple: One amp, one pedal. Buckle up and prepare for a sonic journey honoring the past while paving the ground for new high-gain horizons!”

All three are available here for $149.99 each.

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