TC ELECTRONIC Rolls Out New Multi-Effect Plethora X3 Pedal

TC Electronic has just rolled out their brand new Plethora X3 pedal, which is very appropriately named. The Plethora X3 offers up to 127 combinations of midi-pedal boards, though unlike the Plethora X5, offers three effects slots instead of five. The Plethora X3 also allows players to load in an additional 75 custom effects via TC Electronic TonePrint.


Effects loaded into the Plethora X3 include helix phaser, viscous vibe, tape deck looper, hall of fame 2 reverb, flashback 2 delay, sub and up octaver, brainwaves pitch shifter, corona chorus, hypergravity compressor, mimic doubler, vortex flanger, pipeline tap tremolo, quintessence harmony, sentry noise gate, shaker vibrato, and alter ego vintage echo. The Plethora X3 also includes an integrated UniTune, and the option to engage cab sim at the end of your signal chain if you record directly to an audio interface.

The Plethora X3 is available here for $349.

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