Paul Gilbert Has His Own TC ELECTRONIC Overdrive Pedal Now

Can the new Paul Gilbert edition of the TC Electronic MojoMojo overdrive pedal give you the ability to shred through some Racer X or Mr. Big riffs? Absolutely not. But it’ll at least get you in the ballpark of Gilbert’s tone.


The new Gilbert-ified MojoMojo is essentially the same MojoMojo that you’ve all come to know, but with a new extra-gain mod switch aptly named “11” that isn’t there just for jokes. The 11 switch knocks the overdrive into… well, more overdrive without completely destroying your tone. The Gilbert MojoMojo includes the usual Drive, Level, Bass and Treble knobs, and comes housed in a pretty snazzy purple casing.

The Gilbert MojoMojo also comes equipped with true bypass circuitry to ensure you retain your tone whenever the pedal is disengaged. The pedal is available here for $69.

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