TC ELECTRONIC Revamps the JUNE-60 Chorus Pedal

TC Electronic has given its classic JUNE-60 chorus pedal a bit of a facelift, though entirely on the inside. The pedal, which is modeled after the legendary Juno-60 synthesizer found on countless 80s hits, is being reissued for the first time in a few years with some new speed options.


The JUNE-60 v2 features an upgraded circuit design with improved true-stereo output and a much wider stereo field than ever before. The new version also features two speed options for both Preset I and II, both of which were not present on the original pedal. Then there’s the less-obvious Preset III (I+II), which has been completely reworked and carefully tailored to match the original Juno-60 synthesizer’s secondary MODE 3 LFO.

So if you’re looking to add a little retro vibes to your sound, which you probably are given the style at the moment, go grab a JUNE-60 v2 here for $59. You can also still snag the original JUNE-60 here for $49.