Dad Lectures

I don't, and neither should you

You may want an endorsement deal, but have you thought it all the way through?

Your shitty attitude is carving its headstone.

Triggers were into metal before you were.

We don't want another Unlocking The Truth

Premium wireless speakers, guitar systems, and more, all still have issues with connectivity. Will Apple's bid to drop the buds

Would you REALLY like it better if it sounded like their old stuff?

We all do it, so don't you get judgey on me!

Should you go to music college - or save your money?

Add some power to your power chords!

Are you using locking tuners the right way?

Low on dough but want the tone? We got you.

Help stop the crack from spreading. Do it for the children.

Want your musical career to take off? Stop pandering to the world's most critical audience.