METALLICA’s “Hardwired” Reimagined With Their Old Album Tones

Nostalgia is a tricky thing. Human memory is baaaad, and we view the past in a very general way, with rose-colored glasses or disdain. So when a band like Metallica, who are so locked into our collective memory as a series perfect images of what they used to be (the first 5 albums) continues to change and doesn’t match up with our childhood/teenage expectations of what Metallica should be, we instinctively react negatively.


So now you get to put your money where your moth is – if it sounded like old Metallica, would you really like it better? You get to find out as this YouTuber has reimagined their single “Hardwired” as it would have been on any of the 5 classic albums.

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  • They sound way too polished now which I think takes away from their simplistic yet effective writing style. The riffs in Hardwire are very Kill Em All.

    Sidenote: Anyone else think Lars gets way too much shit?

  • Yes and yes. People assume they know best yet they ALWAYS forget how little they were involved in the creative process of things in projects.

    (probably in the musicians mind often comes the thought that someone else might be listening after the thing is finished) other than that, there are no power chords directly involved or solos referring and or dedicated to the 18 year old Dylan boy who lives in Boston,MA that refuses to eat his damn vegetables!

    Being a musical project, a fucking drawing or whatever. every album sounds different.

    The only time i want something to never change is when i make myself a coffee with chai or Im having my McDonalds ice cream with Oreo.

    So yeah, im one of those people that is glad its mixed, sounds, gear anything is all different or whatever. Because music thats why. Have a nice day! :D

  • Actually sounds awesome as KEA or RTL, but tjats still missing the point.
    I dont think that when people say metallica should sound like on their classic album, they mean the recording, but the way the songs are written and structured, hence “sounding” like classic metallica, whereas the newer albums beginning with load were very bluesy/southern rockish.
    i epeople DO actually mean metallica should sound like on their old albums meaning tonally, ive completely lost my faith in humanity.

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