MICK MARS Showcases Decades Long Experiment in Tonal Perfection on Ernie Ball’s STRING THEORY


Mick Mars from Motley Crue is featured on String Theory by Ernie Ball this week. It’s easy to see how someone with such an innovative drive propelled Motley Crue to the heights they obtained. In Ernie Ball’s video, Mick breaks down his thought process on working to achieve his signature tone.

And God. What a fucking tone.

It’s heavy, chunky, thicc, but it’s full of note clarity. Check out how even on the high strings he still has an absurdly large amount of bass resonance. He doesn’t go in-depth about what amps he uses, but more gives an overview of the years of tweaking and experimentation that’s led to his signature sound.

I love just being able to look into the minds of legends and see their thought process and approach to their craft. It’s clear he still has the same drive to experiment and create exactly what he wants to hear.

Take a listen to his playing and tone in the video and you’ll hear what I mean.

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