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Young blood flows richly through this angel of a drummer - or is he a demon?

David Dockery musically narrates one of Charlie Day's most paranoid monologues

Brann talks 70's drum tones, "Barracuda," and the band's most song-oriented release yet.

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Tomas Haake, Dirk Verbeuren, Hannes Grossman, RVP, Morgen Agren and more!

Jamie Saint Merat's drumming on this is lit.

In this exodus, the only thing leaving is blood from your body.

Raw drum woodshedding from Master Mario.

Check out this drum playthrough of "These People" by Eddie DeCesare of Long Island's Painted in Exile. The track is taken from

The ceremony for resurrecting a demon includes some kickass drumming, apparently!

"Obtuse" is the experimental black metal dose you need this morning!

You know how your drum module presets suck really bad? Well, this will fix that.