CARCASS – Dan Wilding “Reek of Putrefaction” Live Drum Playthrough

Who is the first band you think of when somebody says Liverpool to you? That’s right – Carcass, not the over-hyped LSD loving Liverpudlians whose name escapes me right now. For years Carcass have destroyed people’s ear holes with their violent and gruesome gore obsessed grindcore. Influencing so many bands in the extreme metal field, their legacy is something to be really respected. Their recent reformation along with their live show and comeback album have also proved that they are still relevant and have more to give as one of grindcore’s pioneers.


They are some of the crustiest road dogs around, no doubt if you’ve caught them live recently you will have noticed lead singer and bassist Jeff Walker’s extremely dry and cynical wit, often stabbing fun at anything modern or trendy. Drummer Dan Wilding therefore is a spring chicken compared to the rest of his band and brings them a new lease on life. In this live drum playthrough of their old-school classic “Reek of Putrefaction” Dan plays extremely relaxed and composed while at the same time blasting his way straight from the depths of hell. Again, like some awesome death metal drummers he almost looks like he’s about to fall asleep – this only shows how at ease he is as he plays some really tricky parts.

This guy is only a month older than me, either that means I’m going to improve a shit load over the next month or Dan is a real outstanding talent in the world of death metal. Having also played for bands such as Aborted and Trigger the Bloodshed, he’s already achieved a ton of stuff and it’s no surprise as to why. He’s a real talent and hopefully he and Carcass can continue at the pace they are currently at and have been at for a long time.

Check out the live vid he has done for Sick Drummer Magazine and prepare for gore.

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