66SAMUS Shows You How to Use EZdrummer with Drum Triggers

Samus is the reigning king of internet drummers and the blast master in Decrepit Birth. So you may have seen one or two (or all) of his drum cover videos before. If you have, you’ve definitely heard the sick drum tones he pulls and probably wondered what his secret sample-sauce was. Legit, the dude probably has some of the best drum tones I’ve heard from any drummer on Youtube. And as he reveals in this video, his go-to samples are actually EZX packs triggered from Toontrack’s EZDrummer program.


In the video, Samus breaks down how he goes about triggering EZDrummer. He makes it really easy to follow along. So easy that even a dumb, non-drummer like me was able to get this setup working.

Now you too can run your triggers through EZDrummer. You’ll never again have to suffer through the plain, one dimensional, stock samples on your module.

I’ve always wondered why the stock module drum sample have to sound so bad. Like, no module I’ve ever heard has had good sounds. From any company. Ever. Is it just a simple ROI equation? Do the manufacturers know everyone will just use Toontrack samples anyway, so they’re like “why even bother”?

Compared to EZX samples, module presets sound like those crappy drums on Casio keyboards from the 90s. And by all accounts the new EZdrummer 2 packs sound even better than the originals.

Speaking of EZFrummer 2, I haven’t had a chance to check it out yet and I totally flopped on scooping up any Black Friday deals for it. But if you’re in the same boat, I got your back brah. It looks like Toontrack have some residual Metal Month deals still happening. So there is still time for us all to sound like Samus.

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