Watch As Samus Ruins Your Pants With His One-Man Necrophagist Cover

The inventor of Fart Metal is at it again. This time, he’s set his sights on tech-melo-death masters Necrophagist. Armed with a tele and what appears to be a thrift store fur coat or maybe a bathrobe, he shows us how it’s done.


Normally I’m not into watching dudes play with themselves on camera, but this is definitely an exception. It’s Samus vs. Samus in this one, like in Metroid Prime when you have to fight the shadow version of yourself. But in this case, the winner is THE LISTENER! Bam.

It’s not new music from Necrophagist, but this will tide you over for the next 10 years until there IS new Necrophagist to not live up to your bloated expectations.

How is this guy so good at drums AND guitar? I suspect he went down to the crossroads…..

Oh yeah, and there’s farts.

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  • Shit. Too much talent.

    • And too much chili.

  • Yeah I can play bass

  • fartophagist?

  • I wonder how he decides the placement of the farts.

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