ANGRA – “Angels and Demons” Drum Play through by Bruno Valverde

Check out this rad drum play through by Angra‘s very own Bruno Valverde of the band’s classic track “Angels and Demons”.


Hailing from Sao Paulo Brazil, Angra (meaning Goddess of Fire) have been around for over 25 years and have been through various line-up changes, releasing 8 studio album, 5 EPs and 3 live CD/DVDs. However, they haven’t lost any of their ferocity and power over the years and are still laying waste with their progressive power metal. The band manages to cram all sorts of styles into their sound, welding progressive song structures with styles such as neo-classical and even folk at times. The result is a unique sound, it’s no wonder the band is held in such high regard across the metal loving world.

Kiko Loureiro co-founded the band when he was just 19, you might now know him as the guitarist for that small time metal band Megadeth, replacing Chris Broderick in 2015. Since then Angra have soldiered on and aren’t backing down.

Bruno joined the band in 2014 and is the newest addition to the lineup. He definitely looks the youngest too, bringing a new lease of life to the outfit. He plays traditional grip with his left hand, which still always looks weird to me when someone is playing music of a heavy/fast nature, but Bruno holds it down completely with zero problems. No power or technique is lost because of it and the playthrough is full of technical efficiency and quality. I think my only issue with it is that if I tried to play with that type of grip, I would sound like a bag of pots and pans being thrown down a staircase. Bruno pulls it off.

His drum set up is rather tasty as well, have a gander.

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