DRUMTALK ALL STARS – Top Drummers Play “In The Air Tonight” On Anything But Drums

Now isn’t this cute. A video rendition of “In the Air Tonight” (originally by aging British drum-God Phil Collins) played by various drummers who have appeared on previous Drumtalk videos. Filmed on the road whenever an artist had a spare 5 minutes, Philip Koch would ask them to play the tune with what looks like the nearest object to them. The end result is a cheeky little number with some of music’s top drummers (Tomas Haake, Pat Mastelotto etc.) coming together to create absolute musical genius. Well maybe not, but it is a good laugh!


The sounds were passed over to be completed at Kohlekeller Studios and the mandatory 80’s drum sound and gated reverb were applied. Yes, you can add a drum sound to a glass of beer.

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