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Playing what appears to be Conquering Dystopia tunes, so come get your music previews with your gear previews at NAMM.

Felix's incredible tapping and slapping on that monstrous guitar made for the best demo we saw on NAMM day one.

He was there most of the day, wailing away on that electronic kit.

You don't name your guitar Excalibur unless you mean it.

Big bottom comes in small boxes.

The original metal bassist now has his own signature model.

We also took a gander at the Facepunch, MOR, and RGOD pedals, and the new RF8 foot controller.

The JAM guitar interface is now 96K. Plus we took a look at the MIC, and the ONE and Quartet

In the past all of the top-shelf ESP guitars were made in Japan, but the new E-II series guitars are

Uni-Vibe and Echoplex pedals are pretty intriguing, and the Way Huge Javelina is a standout as well.

A veritable bounty of B.C. Riches.

Wolf has the greatest name and the greatest leather jacket of all time.

For the drummer who likes it natural or digital.

You probably can't play these Faceless songs. I sure as hell can't play these Faceless songs. Let's do some shots.

Straight to you from NAMM 2014.

What we saw, what we did, who we creeped photos of.