Gear Gods

Well it's time to get it dead right. I mean

I knew Grohl was cool but like, Pharrell?? And

What do you mean I didn't specify which band member in the headline? It's all of them, obviously.

Footage of the band tracking their new record with Between the Buried and Me producer Jamie King.

Between the Bass and You one thing will no longer be standing in your way: now you know how. Of

Keith Buckley lays down the law in the new Every Time I Die studio video.

If you're not keeping up with the Blotted Science dude, I feel bad for you son.

It doesn't sound anything like Rush, but I'm hoping to integrate a "make everything sound like Rush" filter into our

From my hands to yours, painted with the blood of Slimer.

Proof that no pedals are needed for badass overdrive bass tone, given that you have the right amp and attitude.

Well that headline made a sentence without any effort on my part.

Dan may own his own record label, but when will he open a bed and breakfast called "Between the Berries

Learn more about purchasing a guitar tech action figure, or a $10,000 Gene Simmons show bass.

The Audiohammer Recording/Mixing Engineer (and frequent collaborator on our CreativeLive tutorial co-ventures) gives you the low down on three small-diaphragm

Because when your pickups need "No F***ing Batteries," you've got to do something with them.