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Instructional DVDs, a guitar book, a signed poster, and more.

The band keeps it simple and hard hitting with some gear standard bearers for good metal tone.

ESP Guitars are sponsoring a trio of meet and greet sessions with the band

The 70's inspired prog/blues/space rockers, featuring ex-Opeth keyboardist Per Wiberg, break down the ingredients to their huge, open sound.

Maybe he arrived in his Chevy Devy, and drove it to the levy? I'd like to think so. Although I've

Martin "Marthus" Skaroupka shows us the scenic sights of Marthus' vineyard.

With these unique synth tones your drumming certainly won't be ig-Nord.

I'd watch that for a

8-string acoustic? Pfffft, I'm holding out for the 9-string

Win an Ibanez RG7421, the new Carnifex record, and a $25 gift certificate by doing nothing but reading a metal

It kind of looks like a TV antenna, or the bones of a devoured fish

Well let Seymour Duncan shine a light on your ignorance.

Jordan Lockrey and Cory Arford show you how it's done

You might not catch it at first, but pay attention you'll catch a detail that will change how you see

Their feet are certainly everbound to the whammy pedal.