Furious Glenn Fricker – Snare Drum Shootout

While shooting his How To Record Heavy Drums series of videos, Glenn Fricker happened to have a metric (because Canada) fuck ton of snares laying around his studio. So what better use of such a surplus than to do a snare shootout?


Glenn loves him some live snare, and has a serious distaste for snare samples. While I understand wanting an organic and live sound, I personally have a far greater problem with sampled cymbals and their lack of depth than sampled snares.

A snare can have a great many differing and nuanced tones depending on how you hit it, but for the purposes of metal, I generally don’t want that many. When it comes to cymbals, though, you can’t do a proper wash when they only sampled hits with the tip of the stick and none with the shaft (the “just the tip” problem). Hi hats are far too complicated a sound to simulate properly with samples, as the interaction between the edges of the two cymbals is crazy complex.

Just one man’s damned opinion though – and here’s another:

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  • they all sound identical. great video

  • Nice video. I’d go for the DW maple or the Tama copper. Though the Pearl firecracker is just pure awesome. I would have liked some snare fills in there on all of them though, to get a better feel for how the sounds stack.

  • It’s between the Steve Smith and the Pork Pie.

  • I heard that with professional equipment you can make the pulse $30 snare sound just as good as the rest of them!

  • This sounded exactly like Static-X

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