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Probably ideal for if you accidentally knock a tuning peg around while climbing the scaffolding at a show so you

A cool little unit for those of you who want your effects routed through independent speakers.

Dissonant Aggressors meet Hammerclaws. Kind of sounds like they should blaze a path of destruction through a well-populated city, huh?

A bevy of levity from Hevy Devy.

His Ibanez JBM100 was seen in the wild for the first time at NAMM.

Hate may be Eternal, but alas NAMM lasts only for a weekend.

Straight to you from the NAMM after party at Noble Ale Works.

We covered a lot of ground during day 2 of our NAMM tour. Here's the gist of it.

Playing what appears to be Conquering Dystopia tunes, so come get your music previews with your gear previews at NAMM.

Felix's incredible tapping and slapping on that monstrous guitar made for the best demo we saw on NAMM day one.

He was there most of the day, wailing away on that electronic kit.

You don't name your guitar Excalibur unless you mean it.

Big bottom comes in small boxes.

The original metal bassist now has his own signature model.

We also took a gander at the Facepunch, MOR, and RGOD pedals, and the new RF8 foot controller.