Gear Gods

Former Djying Fetus djrummer goes djent for djollars

Bonus: they won't leave pellets all over your pedalboard.

He's played for Slayer, Fantomas, Philm, Testament, and Amen. But this weekend, he plays for America

Guitarist Jason Volpe and his GoPro take you for a headstock ride into the ear canals of madness.

On the 4th of July, we celebrate America's decrepit birth.

...Because, didn't he... you know... the... guitar.... flying V... what?

This is among a few Mike Fortin-designed Randalls that we're anxiously awaiting the release of. Watch the Haunted/Feared guitarist, and

No surprise that every musician Marty picked for this project turned in an incredible performance.

Because everyone has to start somewhere, and every musician should have at least a cursory idea on how tracking and

Another installment of "Thrash Course with Dave Davidson."

*Not to be confused with "Bjorn Strong," the Swedish bodybuilder.

At War With Reality is coming soon, but that won't stop you from listening to the drums. That's because nothing

Following up on the release of the 20" ride cymbal a few months back.