NAMM 2015 – VIGIER Guitars is Upping Their Game Again

Vigier (pronounced Vee-zhee-ayy) is a French guitar company that may appear at first glance to just be a maker of great looking and sounding guitars. But as DJ points out in the video below, they’ve got some pretty great space-age stuff going on in these axes.


Their 10/90 neck system, which means the neck is 10% carbon and 90% wood, means that these necks are made without truss rods. Seems insane, but really, it eliminates the need because they are essentially immune to weather.

The flex retainer system on their trem-loaded guitars make sure that the string always returns to zero after using the whammy bar. Now this I gotta see. They’ve also added a behind-the-nut string dampener to eliminate that spring-reverb-y sound you get from the sympathetic ringing of the strings from the nut to the tuners.

Last but not least, they’ve added a segmented zero fret, so you can replace it one piece at a time as it wears out, far cheaper than replacing the whole thing.

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