NAMM 2015 – Strandberg Unveils Artist Amp Presets for Positive Grid BIAS

Strandberg, ever the forward-thinking company, announced at NAMM that they were partnering with Positive Grid to create a set of amp sim presets by Strandberg artists for their Bias app. This came from Ola’s observation that the presets/amp match he heard made by others never sounded the same with his guitar. Now you can be sure you’re getting the same sound as the person who made it (a Strandberg artist on their Strandberg guitar) by downloading their preset and using your own Strandberg (I need a ticker that keeps track of how many times I write that word).


Obviously, this has a pretty small audience at the moment since the headless multiscale guitar market is not huge. But with the announcement that the more affordable import Boden OS models will now be available in the US, I see the need for this increasing dramatically as the accessibility improves.

I should also mention that these presets will be FREE.

Here’s Ola with more info:

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