NAMM 2015 -Strandberg Debuts Boden OS Series – Now Available in the USA

Back in November we brought you rumors of an Asian import version of Strandberg’s popular guitars, which offer a far more affordable entry into the world of ergonomic multiscale chambered headless electric guitars. They debuted first at a Japanese trade show, which caused many to speculate if they would only be available to Asian Markets. I had high hopes that it would be announced at NAMM that they would be made more widely available.


Just call me Nostradumbass. This week at the 2015 NAMM show (click here for complete coverage) Ola Strandberg had his Boden OS line out in force and assured me they will be available to us Yankees very soon. I was also surprised to discover that they are a different scale (26.25 – 25.5) from the Washburn Bodens (25.75 – 25). I played one, and I think it feels better like that. Ola assured me that the quality would be comparable to that of the Washburn models with a lower turnaround. Downsides? Limited model availability (for now) – the OS line currently only includes the Boden OS 7 (in black, red, or natural, with birdseye maple or rosewood fretboard). All models will include stainless steel frets, just like the US Washburn models.

And now here’s Ola with the weather:

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