NAMM 2015 – CASIO’s New DJ Stuff Looks Like the Millennium Falcon

I don’t want to make any assumptions, but since this is a page dedicated to music gear for metal heads, it’s likely that you don’t give two shits about DJ gear. Well, guess what, neither do I. But at NAMM this year, I saw a very pretty lady standing by what appeared to be two small replications of the Millennium Falcon from Star Wars, and I had to stop and ask, you know, like, what the fuck?


They were, in fact, the new DJ controller (XW-DJ1) and sequencer/sampler (XW-PD1) from Casio. I’m not sure if ol’ George will be going after them for copyright infringement, or if they asked him nicely first, but anyone born before 1990 will know one second after seeing them that they are derivative of the Falcon. Their relative speed on the Kessel run is also yet to be determined.

Here’s that pretty lady to answer all your questions about the new Trackformer series from Casio:

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