Glenn Fricker – RECABINET THERMIONIK = Better than an Axe-Fx?

Strong words. But what can you expect from a man who wears a shirt that reads “Your bass player is a useless cunt”? Strong words is his middle name. Zero fucks are given by Glenn. If you are expecting an ATM that dispenses fucks, you need to try a different video.


Glenn “Strong Words” Fricker actually likes the Axe Fx, but of course, the internet. So he decided to try some new amp sims, and found the Recabinet Thermionik sim. Of course, Recabinet is known mostly for their cab IR loader, but now it comes with the Thermionik sim, which they claim is the “ultimate amp modeler”. Glenn and Recabinet must be made for each other, cuz that shit is some STRONG WORDS!

Anyway, the main point that most keyboard warriors miss is that Glenn’s strength is in his not believing the hype. He tries it and decides for himself what sounds good, and fuck all else. So check his video below and decide for yourself.

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  • The guy in the post had one good point, the versatility of the Axe FX is hard to beat.

  • Recabinet is amazing. It obviously doesnt do 1/3 the amount of shit a fractal unit does, but what it does do it does remarkably well. I think its really a no brainer for those who always ask for a vst version of the Axe FX.

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