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Actually there's nothing particularly "meta" about this playthrough video. I just thought that made a good headline.

Stick around for some bonus ruminations on midi foot controllers afterwards. Can anything be more exciting? I'm thinking no.

Pretty sure everyone in the band has faces. The whole works. Eyes. Noses. Nostrils. Bunch of liars, those dudes.

Too little, too late buddy. It's over. We're done.

And in the process he gets some big tone out of those low-wattage Laney heads.

And a little bonus from Chappers from Chapman Guitars, while we've on the travel theme.

I may have to do a gear rundown with these guys one day, just so I can call it "Rigs

Selling his mixing settings and guitar tones, drum samples from the album

You know what Masto-don't? Over hype the high and low end at the expense of tone, that's what.

Bonus: Creature from the Black Lagoon jack-o-lantern. Available in most major retail locations.

Halo's no angel, but they look like they DO give a damn 'bout their bad reputation, and are taking steps

The plague will be your bass mix if you don't master your craft, son.

His name sounds like a censored curse, so you know you can trust him.

Which closely resembles the act of playing difficult drum beats quickly

Don't say the dj- word, just don't. But it totally does.