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The trend of clean blend knobs on every new distortion pedal continues.

...except she sings it out of tune on a Schecter into a Line6 Spider.

Four channels, 6 modes, 200 watts, dayum, Dayum DAYUM!

Bonus, they're named after the legendary San Francisco venue.

They're manufacturing guitars in the US for the first time since the company's creation in the '70s.

Finally, because pressing space to stop playback was way too easy.

To hell with bass, Billy should hold more clinics on holding a clinic, because the dude knows how to hold

Recording engineer Eyal Levi tells you what you need to know to get a great drum recording.

Smooth mid-song mixer and laptop moves, Jason.

The company formerly known as VHT added an option that makes this high gain monster way more useful. I just

I suppose that, as ninjas, silent riffing must be an option.

People love tiny gear. Especially flying people.

If you didn't watch the studio half of that video over and over hoping you could one day spend fifty

Just, you know, with words. Not an actual probe. You people have a serious anal fixation. I'm just trying to