Gear Gods

And a "best of Devin in the EMG studio montage" for good measure.

Because old gear is better than new gear, unless you're some hoighty toighty vintage snob.

Or maybe my wizard analogies are off and it's more like controlling invisible puppets

A better look at the vocal tracking process this time, for the band's new record Phenomena

I wish I had 2 of these so I could make a Caparison comparison.

Between The Faceless and Conquering Dystopia, Rudinger is cranking out these playthrough videos.

He held a two-day guitar tracking clinic recently, but if you missed it you can sample these Pro Tools and

Go inside the studio with the former Megadeth drummer as he creates his instructional DVD.

We'll be starting an online poll to petition the Shloime Dachs Orchestra's slot on Summer Slaughter

Tolkien is still rolling over in his grave that there's no 9-string version.

Bonus: two full kit rundowns and his views on sound replacement.