Gear Gods

Watch him school you like a boss, or more like a tc electronic

Ray, when someone asks you if you want a lesson with Brent Hinds, you say "Yes!"

And in the process terrify you with whatever filter is on his face.

Some musings on why guitar rigs get all the love in these types of features.

Some really solid high-speed fingerwork in this bass playthrough video.

You could keep playing EZ Drummer 1, but you don't want to be caught dead with software that isn't evenly

They're too much awesome gear coming out, so we're taking it upon ourselves to sort out which most worthy of

The two collaborated on the track "Sociopaths" for Marty's new solo guitarfest, Inferno. Here's what they had to say on

The build and features of his new guitar as almost as impressive as his playing.

Trust me. I gave him "Less" for his birthday last year and he was kind of bummed out about it.

With a new album essentially in the bag and soon to be released, the space rockers from the dark side

That odd shape with the hyper cutaway allows it to be played with fingers or a bow.

The Mr. Big and Winery Dogs virtuoso has some extended jams with the man responsible for Thin Lizzy and Whitesnake's