Gear Gods

The band performs three songs for Audiotree Live.

You don't want limp, straggly rosewood, do you? You're looking for volume.

...and that conductor cares about just one thing: the band must play the most massive riffs imaginable.

The Intervals/Skyharbor/Jeff Loomis drummer has production chops, drum super chops, and apparently chops up his guitar tracks into recordable bites.

Seriously, how many of us would have done far better in math class if we had to sub-divide time signatures

Christofer Malmström is thinking "I'd like to make what's Mechanically Div-mine Mechanically Div-yours." Or that's what he would think if

Was it SampleStank or SampleSwank? We let you know.

Well, more specifically former Danzig guitarist John Christ's amp

Aren't you curious how to make your own Mad Science a tad more Blotted?

It's a dual guitar playthrough, so you may want to watch twice.

It watches you while you sleep, whispering in your ear that you were meant for each other.

Watch the Trioscapes skinsman slay the Digital Dream Sequence beast.