I’m generally pretty proud of my gear demos. I put a lot of work and time into them, and I’m usually very happy with how they come out. But, son of a bitch, how am I supposed to compete with THIS:


Eddie is playing through the newly released 5150IIIS, a “turbocharged” version of the already extremely high-gain 5150 III. Apparently Ed is one of those guys for whom enough is never enough, and before their most recent tour, he ordered up a new version of his 5150 with MORE gain. I’m not sure that it needed more gain, but then, what the fuck is need?

Here are the updates according to the website:

  • A re-voiced second channel for more present, defined low-mids and crunch

  • Enhanced low-frequency range on the third channel

  • Increased gain on channels 2 and 3 to drive your tone to the next level

  • Rear-panel resonance controls for each channel giving you even more powerful lows

  • Newly added adjustable bias control

So if more is your need, then head over to the EVH website for MORE information.

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