When Zakk Wylde defected from Marshall and Gibson this year, many likened it to the Eddie Van Halen move to start his own brand and company (EVH Gear). Many also speculated his failure. Well, 10+ years into the EVH brand, they’re showing no sign of stopping, so I think it looks pretty good for Zakk as well.


We were able to get a look at the new stuff from them at NAMM this year, and it’s looking good. I’ve always liked the EVH Wolfgang design, but was put off by the lack of forearm contour – a problem now solved by the contour on the new Wolfgang Standard series. Huzzah! They’ve also added the Stripe series Star shape to the lineup, very distinct from the rest of the lineup of mostly strat-esque axes.

Last but not least, the new 5150IIIS, of which we brought you video of Eddie himself wailing on yesterday, a further hot rodded version of his already hot rodded amp.

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