Gear Gods

A rare interview with the engineer behind some of the '90s most seminal mainstream metal records.

New Vic Firth artist embodies a whole lot of musicianship that metal drumming could learn from.

For when you need a bit more Muff in your Box.

A full rundown of the gear used on the band's new album.

The rumors are true: the live Cloudkicker and Intronaut is a real thing.

Two roads forked in a metal woods: one had sweet pitch effects and one didn't.

Seriously, don't be that band.

First orders will receive a surprise grab bag of gear used in the studio during the recording of BLOODSTONE &

It's cool. No actual vomity fists touch any of the gear.

Apogee revamped their Ensemble recording Interface for the Thunderbolt 2 generation.

Who are you Waring? Oh, this old thing? It's a Paul Reed Smith.