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Like many of you, I am a massive fan of the music and engineering work of Steve Albini. Whether it’s the Shellac or Big Black records that he made “back in the day” or more recent projects by bands like Dysrhythmia, KEN Mode, or Screaming Females, Albini has consistently touched projects of interesting and unusual natures, and has created a formidable body of work in the process.


But today, Albini is not the focus of this studio tour that our bros at were given by Albini’s right-hand man and co-operator, Greg Norman. Rather, the focus is on Electrical Audio as a space, and on the different amenities and materials that each room and studio offer. This is pretty great stuff – Electrical has some interesting quirks (not to mention the jumpsuits) that set it apart from a lot of other studios of it’s caliber in the country. Check it out below:

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