Gear Gods

Unless there's an included picture or it's been authenticated, be skeptical.

Considering that the band features former and current members of Obscura, Blotted Science, Dark Fortress, Necrophagist, Noneuclid, Spawn of Possession,

Dillinger Escape Plan and Periphery drummers face off in the ring.

Fretless bass insanity to make you doubt your own playing ability all weekend.

Engineer-extraordinaire and studio proprietor dishes the dirt on the state of the music industry.

This week we're giving away a six pack of Heavy Core Strings!

"The only sensation I could imagine being similar would be getting slapped in the face by a beautiful women in

We spoke to bassist Joseph Rowland about his Clarke's boots and Guild bass.

I'm partial to the T-Rex, so I have to fault this video for starting with the show-stopper.

Dino's exceptional taste in guitars, now available to the public.

Intronaut guitarist/vocalist teases his new line of basses to go with his Moonflower and Yarnhawk guitar models.